Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation review

Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation review

Finding the perfect shade of foundation is a thing. When I was fifteen years old, I asked my grandparents to gift me an expensive foundation. So when they took me to the store to buy one, I expected that the lady who would help us would get me the perfect shade. Boy, was I wrong. Of course I knew none of the “rules” back then, so when she asked me if I wanted to check it out in daylight, I did not think it was necessary. She didn’t urge me to do it anyway, but at home I ended up with a shade way too dark for me. I was disappointed, and never wore it. Who wants to look orange? I never went back, because I thought since I used it they wouldn’t accept the return. The same thing happened a couple of months later, this time I paid the foundation myself, so I never dared to try again.

Urban Decay

In August however, my boyfriend and I were in Eindhoven. I recently got back into make-up again, and seven years has changed a lot. Not only do I know more now, and do they take me more seriously (although I think it’s a bad thing that fifteen years old me wasn’t treated as I am treated now), the shade range of foundations have changed a lot since then. I decided to splurge on a good foundation. I had a couple of options in Eindhoven that I do not have at home. Eventually I narrowed my choice down between M.A.C. or Urban Decay, and since M.A.C. sold me the wrong colour years ago, I went with the latter. The girl who helped me there was wonderful, and we quickly figured out what my perfect shade was. I did check it out in daylight this time, and even my boyfriend was asked to judge. His comment was that he didn’t even see it (and he has a very good eye for it!).  I was sold, and brought the Naked Skin foundation in shade 0.5 back home with me.

Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation
Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation

Review: Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation

Luckily, the shade is still perfect at home. Before you apply this foundation, you need to shake the bottle. The consistency it quite runny, which means that it is not full coverage after one layer. Nonetheless, it is very buildable. I personally prefer foundations that are not full coverage, opting for low to medium coverage. My skin is on the dry side, but that’s not a problem with this foundation. No flaky, dry areas detected! I am truly happy with my purchase. My skin looks great after applying this foundation. Combined with a primer and setting spray, it stays on all day for me. The foundation costs €37,90, which might be a lot of money for some. However, I think it’s a fair price for the quality of the foundation and the service I received.


Zonder make up
Without make-up

No turning back now, my face without any make-up is immortalized on the internet. As you can see, my cheeks are slightly reddish, and I have a spot on my chin. I always have dark circles underneath my eye, and some wrinkles as well.

Alleen foundation
Only foundation

Here I applied a primer and the foundation. I used 2,5 pumps and applied it with a beautyblender. I layered the foundation a bit on my cheeks, nose and chin. Personally, I’d be happy to apply powder and a little bit of blush and be done with it on regular days. 

Here I finished my face with some concealer on my chin, powder, bronzer, blush, contour and highlighter. I really like the result! This is my go to daily foundation. Of course you can see I’m wearing make-up, but it looks really flawless without being cakey. 

You can shop the Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation here on their site.

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