Morphe brush set 686 review

Morphe brush set 686 review

I’ve recently been getting back into my obsession with make-up. This all started when Shane Dawson made a video series about Jeffree Star’s life. If you haven’t seen it yet, Shane creates very good documentaries, check it out here. Since I watched the series, I got into a couple of beauty youtubers, like Jeffree Star and Tati, but also James Charles. This is where Morphe came in the picture, since you can’t watch James’ videos without hearing about them. Thus, when I began looking for a good and affordable brush set, I ended up checking out Morphe brushes as well. I was looking for a set that included everything I would need, since my collection of brushes was limited to some eyeshadow brushes, a very old blush brush and a kabuki brush. Eventually I found the Morphe brush set 686, and went for it.

The wait begins..

I live in the Netherlands, but Morphe ships from the USA. I decided to order from their site anyway, so I could use James’ discount code. Originally the set costs €56,- but I got 10% off. They ship for free if your order is over €35,-. However, their shipping takes some time. It doesn’t really state anywhere on their site how long the shipping takes. It took 2 days for my order to be shipped, and I received it about a week after placing my order. Even though the wait felt like forever, a week is not bad at all!

Morphe brush set in the case

The Morphe brush set arrived in a black case, and had a plastic wrap around each brush its bristles to protect them. I still keep them in the case where it came in, and it protects the brushes well from any damage. The only brush that doesn’t really sit well in this case is the fan brush, and I keep that one seperately, because the bristles get twisted when I keep it in the case.

I chose for a synthatic set, since I can use all the brushes with liquids and powders both. They all have a matte black handle with Morphe spelled on it in white. I think they’re rather pretty, I like a simple, classic look. 

Performance of the Morphe brush set

Brushes 1-3
Pointed liner brush
Lip brush
Smudger brush S

Pointed liner brush: I used this brush to create a winged liner along my eye. I used an eyeshadow and some setting spray to sort of create an eyeliner, and it worked amazingly well.

Lip brush: This one works fine on the lips, and does what it is supposed to do.

Smudger brush S: I use this brush to smudge the eyeshadow underneath my lower waterline. I don’t have anything to compare this one with, but I have to work a little bit to smudge it out. 

Brushes 4-5
Angle liner brush
Flat liner brush

Angle liner brush: You can use this one with a gel liner to create an eyeliner, but I use it to apply eyeshadow underneath my lower waterline. It’s very thin and works pretty well for this.

Flat liner brush: This one has the same purpose as the former, since I often use two colours on my lower waterline, a light and a dark one. This brush does the job perfectly fine as well.

Brushes 6-8
Mini concealer
Small shadow brush
Concealer brush

Mini concealer: Adding a mini concealer brush as well as a regular one is a bit too much for me, to be honest. I only need one. Regardless, it works well. If i would use two brushes, I would prefer this one for smaller blemishes. The bigger one is a little quicker to use underneath the eye.

Small shadow brush: I advise using this one in your inner eye lid. It’s a bit small for the whole eyelid, unless you have an abundance of patience.

Concealer brush: This one does it’s job perfectly fine. Nothing more to add about this brush.

Brushes 9-12
Deluxe blending crease brush
Oval shadow brush
Deluxe shadow brush 
Angled blender brush

Deluxe blending crease brush: I really like this blending brush, I use it either for my transitioning shade or in the crease. The size is fine, but I would have liked a smaller blending brush included in this set as well.

Oval shadow brush: I prefer this kind of brush to apply eyeshadow to my eyelid. This one works great!

Deluxe shadow brush: Honestly, I don’t grab this one often. I prefer the oval shadow brush. This one can be used to apply eyeshadow to the lid as well.

Angled blender brush: I use this brush to blend anything that needs some extra blending, without adding colour. I also use it to apply a sheer powder after putting on my eyeshadow primer. I actually use this one a lot!

Brushes 13-15
Pointed foundation brush
Contour brush
Bronzer brush

Pointed foundation brush: Now we’re getting to the part that I actually bought this set for: all the face brushes! I only had a kabuki brush and a (very bad) blush brush. My old foundation brush was beyond salvation a long time ago, and this one is a great replacement. My only problem with this brush, is that the effect is only nice when I just washed it. Maybe I’m very lazy, but I don’t want to wash my brushes after every use. More often than not, I use my beautyblender to apply my foundation, instead of opting for this one.

Contour brush: I did not have a contour brush yet, and I am very happy that I finally own one! Contouring is easy peasy with this brush.

Bronzer brush: The biggest pro of having multiple face brushes, is that I have a specific brush for every step. No more having to use my powder brush for bronzer! My lazy ass loves this, since I can use it a couple of times before washing it. This one blends out my bronzer pretty well, and I like that it’s slightly smaller than a regular powder brush.

Brushes 16-17

Angle blush brush 
Powder brush 

Angle blush brush: This one is to apply your blush. I like the size and shape of it, and it blends together the blush and contour very prettily.

Powder brush: Shape, size and density are all to my wishes. This brush does its job, and does it well.

Brush 18

Deluxe fan brush: This is the first and only brush I have to apply highlighter. Although I like it, I would have preferred a smaller one. Furthermore, this brush does not sit well in the case. The hairs get twisted and it goes out of shape. Thus I have to store this one seperate from all the other brushes of this set. Most of the time this is not a problem, expect when traveling.


I bet you saw this coming, but I love the Morphe brush set! The quality of the brushes is great, these pictures were taken after washing them twice, and as you can see, there are no hairs sticking out, they aren’t messy etc. They still look and feel great, and haven’t lost any hairs. I would’ve swapped a few brushes for different ones, but if you’re looking for a complete set, or a traveling set, this one is great! I also love the price, €56 full price for 18 brushes, means you pay €3,11 per brush! The quality you get for that money is amazing. You can buy the brush set here. Don’t forget to use a youtuber’s promo code to get 10% off!

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