Sephore liquid lipsticks collection set review

Sephore liquid lipsticks collection set review

I am so happy to be home again after my trip to France. This is going to be slightly sappy, so be warned! When I was younger I never got homesick, and would have stayed for months if I could. However, now I just start to miss my boyfriend terribly after about two weeks. I just can’t stay away for a month anymore. Luckily it wasn’t a month, and after two and a half weeks we were reunited. 

Sephora lip stain collection set packaging

I do have some great souvenirs from France. In my last post I talked about all the products that I bought at Sephora, and today I am going to tell you what I think about the Sephora liquid lipsticks that I purchased. This is a 2018 limited edition set, but all the colours can be bought seperately at Sephora. I paid €29,99 for the set, which contains six liquid lipsticks, each containing 5 ml of product. Thus I paid about €5,- each. Normally they cost €10,99- per piece, so I saved more than half of my money! The downside is that you can’t choose the colours, and unfortunately there is one colour that I don’t really like.

Performance of the Sephora liquid lipsticks.

Sephora lip stains

Before diving in to how these perform, I scrub my lips if necassery before wearing lipsticks, especially with liquid lipsticks. After that, I use a cream or chapstick and apply this half an hour before applying the lipstick, or pat the excess off with a tissue. You really don’t want your dry lips to ruin your make-up look. Anyway, these lipsticks dry up matte. If you only apply one layer, they are not sticky. However, the Sephore liquid lipsticks have the tendency to become sticky if you apply too much, so be careful here. Furthermore, they stay on all day! I only needed to reapply after eating a big meal, but that’s just fair game. Also, they don’t dry out my lips, so that’s good! These lipsticks also have a nice smell, but it does linger for half an hour so if you hate that, these might not be for you.


73 – Glowing beige

This is the colour that I hate. Not because of how it performs, it’s perfectly fine, but it’s just not flattering for me. I don’t like nudes in the sense that it looks as if I don’t have any lips. It’s quite pinkish but just extremely light. I don’t have any other complaints about this one though. It doesn’t bleed and covers my lips with one layer.

79 – Soft coral

I had to get used to this one, but I love it now! My experience with corals is not great, but this one is very pretty. It’s quite orange, but not too light. With soft coral, I applied one layer as well.

23 – Copper blush

I didn’t take the pictures myself, and this is where my boyfriend was getting tired of photographing me. Sorry for the quality of the close-up! This one is a warm, brownish colour. Even though it’s called copper blush, I don’t really think it is copper-coloured. I still like this colour though, and it is very appropriate for this time of the year. It also has a slight hint of purple in it, and I happen to love purple and brown lipsticks! I think I will be reaching for this one fairly often.

06 – Pink soufflé

I like this name. It also reflects the colour well; it’s pink. Luckily it’s not a hot pink because I’m not a fan of those. This is almost a my lips but better colour, and I love those as well. It has a bit of a cold undertone, and I didn’t really have one like this yet, so this is a success as well!

01 –  Always red

In the first picture, it seems to lean a bit to the orange side, but that’s a bit because of the lightning. This is quite a red-red, although a bit more warm-toned. It doesn’t matter to me, I love all bright reds. I applied one layer as well here, these just perform and feel really great.

99 – Purple red

This is not purple red, this is almost black but with a bit of a reddish undertone. I don’t know what to think about this colour. Maybe I should wear it combined with Always Red in the inner parts of my lips? I wouldn’t wear it like this. For one, it’s just so dark. Nextly, it’s slightly patchy. I have definetely seen worse, but it’s not perfect. I already used two layers here, to fix the patchiness, but that doesn’t really work with these either. Plus that makes it even darker. 

Last thoughts

Overall, I am happy with my purchase. The quality of these are amazing, as is the price. The only colour I feel like I won’t ever use is Glowing Beige. For all the dutch readers, I advice you to order Sephora from the french site, and you can find the Sephore liquid lipsticks set here.

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