Sephora shopping haul

Sephora shopping haul

Finally! I got the chance to shop at Sephora. I wish they would come to the Netherlands, but right now we still have to live without brands like Huda beauty, Sephora, Kat von D and a couple of others. Luckily more and more brands are coming to the Netherlands, but they often settle on Amsterdam and stay there, maybe going to one or two other big cities. Fortunately, I am in Amsterdam pretty often for my study, but there are still some brands missing.

Now that I found myself in France, although not for the best reason, I did want to take this opportunity to check out some products that are on my wishlist. See, the thing is, I wasn’t planning on going to France this year. Unfortunately, my granddad suffered a heart attack, and so I traveled to France to help my grandparents out. Luckily the bypass surgery went well, and he is recovering at their home here in France right now. Hopefully, in a couple of months, he’ll be his old self again.

Sephora Alès

Anyway, I went to the Sephora in Alès, a city in the south of France. Fun thing about France, there were eight people working in the store when I was there, but none of them really spoke English. Sorry, my french is not great either! Anyway, we managed some basic communication. I had a couple of things on my list, one of them being the Huda Beauty rose gold eyeshadow palette, and I was glad to be able to check it out in real life, because I wasn’t really feeling it. I would rather pick the desert dusk palette now, but in the end, I came home with the following products:

All the products of the haul
NARS blush/bronzer duo Orgasm/Laguna mini
Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette
Sephora cream lip stain collection set

NARS blush/bronzer set

My first NARS product! Orgasm has been on my wishlist for ages now! This Sephora didn’t have a complete NARS display, but only a few options. This blush/duo bronzer was one of them, and I actually didn’t mind buying this instead of the Orgasm blush. I believe Laguna is pretty popular as well, and I paid €21,00 for this mini version. It contains 5 grams of product. I don’t often hit the pan with blushes, or anything really, so this is perfect for me. If I actually love it very much, I can always order them online.

NARS blush/bronzer set inner packaging
Inner packaging

According to my boyfriend, Orgasm is bacon-coloured. The pictures don’t really convey the colour correctly, as it truly has a sort of bacon-coloured shine to it. I am very excited to show you guys more pictures of it later!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance

It was either Modern Renaissance or a Huda palette, but I ended up liking this one better! Huda beauty’s desert dusk stays on my list, but Modern Renaissance won, since it was a little bit cheaper, and had a little less glitter. I’m obsessed with mattes at the moment! I paid €49,00 for 14 shades, and 11 of them are mattes.

I love the packaging and love the colours of the eyeshadows! The palette feels velvety and soft. The palette also closes with a magnet, which gives it a luxurous feel. The brush you get feels nice and soft, and my first impression is good. And the colours, gorgeous! All the eyeshadows feel very soft, although a tiny bit crumbly. I can’t wait to dig into this palette, and let you guys know how the eyeshadows perform.

Sephora cream lip stain collection set

Last but not least, the Sephora cream lip stain collection set. That’s a mouth full. This is a limited edition set of six Sephora lip stains. It costs €30,00 and you can buy it at Sephora. That’s only €5,00 per lip stain! This wasn’t specifically on my list, but I wanted to try out a Sephora product, and I’ve been into lipsticks a lot lately, so this seemed like the perfect choice! I’m really glad I picked these up.

I am pleasantly suprised by the quality! Only number 99 is slightly streaky, but I’ve definetely seen worse for such a dark colour. I tried one out, and it’s not very drying, albeit slightly sticky. Let me know if you want to read a little bit more about these.

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