Action Max&More advent calender  review

Action Max&More advent calender review


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Okay, we will have to wait for two more weeks, but I don’t mind giving myself a present every day of the month! My mom gifted me this Max&More advent calender from the Action. Max&More is their own make-up brand, and with this advent calender you receive 24 beauty items. This for a whopping €8,88. But is it worth it?


I like the packaging, it’s quite festive, although it gives me more of a New Year’s Eve feeling than Christmas. They did nail the NYE vibe however! The carton is a bit tough to rip open, and I actually ripped some parts apart. I tried to be careful though! But if you manage to open the carton, taking the product out of the plastic is easy enough!

First day


The first item is a lipstick. This is a matte lipstick in the colour 301 naked nude. I like that they number and name their lipstick. This one is quite creamy and feels nice on the lips. It truly is a nude lipstick colour. A good opener.

Second day


And here is.. a sheet of stickers! Woohoo! Okay, okay, this advent calender only costs €8,88 so that’s an average of €0,37 per item, so it’s not suprising to find… this. Even so, December the second was a disappointing day. Thank u, next!

Third day


I am not mad about this. Although I don’t really use clips often, it’s more useful than a sheet of stickers. However, it is not really what I was expecting from a beauty calender, but it can be included. Okay, let’s hope for a little bit more make-up after this.

Fourth day


It’s make-up! Make-up that I would give to a child, though. That was my first thought anyway. I’m not a big fan of lipgloss, but at least it’s make-up and festive. The swatch seems glittery enough.

Fifth day

This is the kind of thing I want to find! Something I can play with. This is the Max&More eyeshadow quattro mini in the colour 614 fresh hot. The eyeshadows feel quite soft and aren’t streaky. The colours are a bit crumbly though, and watch out for the fallout. When I applied these colours, I did it before I applied my face make-up, because this fallout isn’t fixable. Anyway, you can find the swatches and an eyelook below.

Sixth day


We can never really go wrong with an eyepencil in black, right? Don’t expect too much of this eye pencil though, the black fades to grey after a while. It unfortunately doesn’t stay on that long after that.

Seventh day

IMG_1356.JPGA red lipstick! The Max&More matte lipstick in the colour 317 scarlett red. The colour is pretty, but I haven’t worn it yet. It is the same formula as the first lipstick, and feels as creamy as that one does.

Eigth day


Oeh, glitters! Some more festive stuff. These are nail jewels. I am not a very skilled nail painter, but my new year’s solution might be that I will give my nails more love (and glitters), so this is quite perfect! I am happy about these.

Ninth day

And here we have some bronzing powder! I am suprised that they put this in, because everything complexion is not very universal. Unfortunately for me, this means that this is way too dark. I have used this as a contour powder, but it is a bit patchy. It might be cheap, but this is something I am never going to use again, because it’s too dark and the quality is not great.

Tenth day


Bonus points for this lip liner! It is the exact same colour as the first lipstick, 301 naked nude. Although a matching lip liner is not a requirement, I do like to have one, and I am glad that they have included this. It glides on easy enough, and feels comfortable. It doesn’t really seem to show up, but that’s mainly since it’s nude.

Eleventh day


A pencil sharpener. I already owned one, but a spare is not a bad thing. I am not amazingly excited, but not disappointed either.

Twelfth day


And here we have the last item for this post, the Max&More lip balm in 340 wild raspberry. I am not a fan of this sort of lip products, but I’ll give this a shot. My first impression is not that bad, at least it’s not a lip gloss ;-). The colour is nice, and the swatch doesn’t seem too bad.


And here are the swatches! From left to right: lip balm – lip liner – bronzer – matte lipstick in scarlett red – eyepencil – eyeshadow colour #1 – eyeshadow colour #2 – eyeshadow colour #3 – eyeshadow colour #4 – lipgloss – matte lipstick in naked nude

As I said, the bronzer is very patchy, but the lipsticks, lip liner and the eyepencil all look pretty good. The quality of the eyeshadows vary per colour. Anyway, let’s look at some of these products in action!

The look


So in this photo I am wearing the bronzer as a contour powder. On my eyes I used all the colours of the eye quattro and the eye pencil. On my lips I am wearing the lipstick and -liner in the colour naked nude, topped with the glitter lipgloss. I really like the lipstick, but lipgloss is just not my thing. Besides, topped with the lipgloss it doesn’t last long. The bronzer is horrible and is going to end up in the trash really quick.


I used all the colours on my eye, even though you can’t really tell. I used the orange-y one as a transition colour, and in my crease I used the purple-red one. Then on my lid I used the purple-red one in the outer corner, the light pink one in the inner corner and the bright pink one in between those. Underneath my eye I smudged out the eye pencil with the purple-red one and the light pink eyeshadow. They blended pretty nicely, but that also resulted in this kind of one-coloured situation. If you like this colour however, you should be very happy with this ‘one kind of eyeshadow look-palette’.

Max&More advent calender; final thoughts

So I am going to give the final conclusion in the second part where I review the other twelve products. But my final thoughts on these products varies wildly. Some products are useful and nice but some are just plain useless, like the stickers, or the quality is not great, like the bronzer. However, if the next part is more or less the same or better, I wouldn’t be mad spending not even €9,- on this. Tune in after Christmas for the other 12 presents!

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